July 18-20, 2018 KR members made research presentations at WOCMES-5

On July 16th to 20th, Fifth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES-5) was held in Sevilla, Spain and Senior researchers from our center made research presentations internationally.

July 18th

PA-135. Rethinking the Relationship between Batin and Zahir: From the Perspective of Sufism and Fiqh. Organised by MARUYAMA Daisuke, National Defense Academy of Japan

Speaker Title
MARUYAMA Daisuke The Connotation of Batin and Zahir in the Context of Sufism: A Case Study of Contemporary Sudan
INOUE Kie The Understanding of Zahir in Iranian Sufism

PA-174. Reframing the Past: Gender Questions and Islamic Traditions in the Modern Era. Organized by GOTO Emi, the University of Tokyo

Speaker Title
TAKAHASHI Kei Between Norm and Practice: Neo-Traditionalist Discourses on Gender in the United States
SAWAI Makoto The Disappearance between Man and Woman: The Sufi View on Human Existence
SAWAI Makoto

PA-187.Religious Practices Using Commodities in Consumer Societies. Organized by FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro, St. Agnes’ University

Speaker Title
FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro Qur’anic Commodities in Ordinary Muslims’ Space: Focusing on Interior Ornaments and Calenders in Tunisia’
KOMAKI Sachiyo The Cult of Islamic Relics and the Religious Goods in Contemporary India

July 19th

PA-241. Visits to Saintly Places in the Age of Globalization. Organized by AKAHORI Masayuki, Sophia University

Speaker Title
TONAGA Yasushi Theoretical Basis for the Visit to the Saints’ Places in the Islamic Thought
YASUDA Shin Remembrance at Holy Places: Religious Capital and Shi’ite Religious Places in Syria in the Era of Crisis

July 20th

PA-339. A Reconsideration of Public Spheres from a Grass-root Perspective– Historical and Contemporary Approaches. Organized by IWASAKI Erina, Sophia University

Speaker Title
KISAICHI Masatoshi The Zawiya as an Ahylum in Medieval Magherb – A Reconsideration of the Public Sphere within an Islamic
KISAICHI Masatoshi