July 16-24, 2018 Field Research in Spain was conducted

Field Research was conducted mainly at Santiago de Compostela in Spain. For the comparison of Saint Veneration and Pilgrimage in Islam and Christianity, the research party investigated at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and the old town.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The remain of Saint James is enshrined
and many pilgrims visit here.
At the Cathedral, there is a big thurible
called “Botafumeiro”, which is thisplace’s specialty.

An apparel shop at Santiago de Compostela

In pilgrimage at Santiago de Compostela,
scallops are important as its symbol.
Pilgrims attach shells of scallops to walking sticks,
and all over the Cathedral is decorated with shells of scallops.
At the shop, T-shirts and accessories
with shells of scallop motif are sold.

Traditional dance at Saint James Festival

Saint James Festival is held throughout
the town once a year and pilgrims visit
more than usual. Music and dance in
Galicia’s traditional costumes take place
around the Cathedral and floatsare paraded
through the town. We can see scenes similar
to Mawlid in Islam.