The director TONAGA Yasushi gave a lecture on Sufism

The director TONAGA Yasushi gave a lecture for Sophia Open Research Weeks 2021 “Sufism Today: Understanding Different Aspects of Mysticism”

Web publication: November 12-22, 2021
Title: What is Sufism? Mysticism, Morality, Folk Belief

This seminar was hosted by:
Center for Islamic Studies at Sophia University(SIAS)
Center for Islamic Area Studies at Kyoto University (KIAS)

co-hosted by:
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation National Institutes for the Humanities Institute-based Project “Modern Middle-east Area Studies”
Structural Comprehension of Islamic Mysticism: Investigation into Sufism-Tariqa-Saint Cults Complex (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), JSPS: TONAGA Yasushi, Kyoto University)
Anthropological Studies on Veneration of Saints and Holy Relics in Islam and Christianity (Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), JSPS: AKAHORI Masayuki, Sophia University)
Sophia University Special Budget Joint Research “History and Current Situation of Relationships in Religions in Asia and Africa”