TONAGA Yasushi & FUJII Chiaki  (eds.), Debate, Dialogue and Diversity in Sufism, Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies Series 4, Kyoto: Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies, 2021.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note (TONAGA Yasushi and FUJII Chiaki)*****iv
Part One: From Debate to Dialogue
Abū ‘Abd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī (d. 1021) and his Treatise against Islamic Theologians (al-Radd ‘alā ahl al-kalām): Arabic Text Edition with English Translation and Introduction
(Mohammed SOORI and Ahmed ZILDZIC)*****3
Development in and Debates on the Fanā’ Theory of Sufism (TONAGA Yasushi)*****19
Neo-Sufism, Pax Islamica and the Mahdiya of the Sudan (Mohammed MOUSSA)***** 27
Sufism and Modernism: Muḥammad ʻAbduh’s Reformist Thought (SAWAI Makoto)*****43
The Thought of Coexistence on Tariqas on East African Coast (FUJII Chiaki)*****57
Part Two: Diversity in Dialogue
Studies on Saint Worship in Medieval Maghreb Society: Historical Review and Perspectives
(KISAICHI Masatoshi) *****69
Three Ways to Make Sense of Sufi Miracles
(Shahzad BASHIR) *****89
The Method of Guidance on the Sufi Path of Shams-i Tabrīzī (INOUE Kie) *****103
Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Manuscripts from the Ḥijāz to Northwest China: Ma Laichi Abū al-Futūḥ al-Ṣīnī and his Huasi Menhuan Sufi Order (Florian SOBIEROJ) *****115
The Discourse of Sufism in Twentieth-Century Sudan: A Preliminary Analysis of al-Ṭarīqa al-Sammānīya’s Literature (MARUYAMA Daisuke)*****157
Consummating Sainthood: Death, Desire and Saintly Power in the Indo-Muslim Rituals of the ‘Urs (Spiritual Wedding) (Nile GREEN)*****171

東長靖 藤井千晶 (編),『イスラームの多文化共生の知恵ー周縁イスラーム世界のスーフィズムに着目してー』 京都大学大学院アジア・アフリカ地域研究研究科附属ケナン・リファーイー・スーフィズム研究センター, 2021.


序文( 東長 靖 藤井 千晶)*****v
Editors’ Note( TONAGA Yasushi, FUJII Chiaki)***** xi
――現代インドネシア・スーフィズムの試み(東長 靖)*****1
――インドネシアにおける「カーフィル呼称問題」から( 新井 和広)*****15
――イスラームの中国適応再考(中西 竜也)*****29
18 世紀パンジャーブのスーフィー詩人ブッレー・シャー(Bulleh Shāh)の詩に見られる共生思想について( 山根 聡)*****49
インド共和国におけるスーフィズムと共生のイメージ(二宮 文子)*****63
――ジャフル儀礼への注目から(和崎 聖日 アドハム・アシーロフ)*****77
東アフリカ沿岸部におけるタリーカの共生と敵対(藤井 千晶)*****137
15‒16 世紀におけるスーダーン西部の支配者と学者/聖者の「共生」関係に関する一考察――共食と恩寵の逸話の分析を中心に(末野 孝典)*****147

TONAGA Yasushi & FUJII Chiaki  (eds.), Islamic Studies and the Study of Sufism in Academia: Rethinking Methodologies, Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies Series 3, Kyoto: Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies, 2018.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note (TONAGA Yasushi and FUJII Chiaki) ***** vi
Chapter 1: Methodology
The General Propensity of Islamic and Sufi Studies in Japan (TONAGA Yasushi) ***** 3
Proto-Orientalist Concepts of Sufism (Carl W. ERNST) ***** 23
Teaching Sufi Studies in Undergraduate Settings: Religious Studies in Liberal Arts Colleges (James W. MORRIS) ***** 39
Sayyido-Sharifology: Personal and Collective Endeavors to Define a New Research Field (MORIMOTO Kazuo) *****47
Searching for New Horizons in Sufi Studies’ Methodology in Turkey (F. Cangüzel Güner ZÜLFİKAR) ***** 55
Chapter 2: Metaphysics
Reading the History of Sufism: From the View of the Classification of Sciences (Ahmet Murat ÖZEL) *****65
Sufism between Adab (protocol) and Hayrat (perplexity) (Bruce B. LAWRENCE) ***** 73
Creating Islamic Context in Travel and Tourism: Philosophy and Sensibility in the Adab Literature Regarding Safar Tradition (YASUDA Shin) ***** 87
Moses and the Religion of Love: Thoughts on Methodology in the Study of Sufism (William C. CHITTICK) ***** 101
Warnings Derived from the Creation of Adam in Rumi’s Masnavî (Emine YENİTERZİ) ***** 119
Chapter 3: History
The Genealogy of the Wali Songo and Hadrami Sayyids: A Comparison of Genealogical Charts (ARAI Kazuhiro) *****139
Ma Dexin and Ibn ‘Arabī’s Prospects Regarding the Afterlife: A Chinese Expression of Sufism during the 19th Century (NAKANISHI Tatsuya) ***** 151
Sufism in Chinese (Sachiko MURATA) ***** 171
Concepts of Tariqa Affiliation and Membership of Tariqa: The Case of Medieval India (NINOMIYA Ayako) ***** 179
The Limits of the Oneness of Existence as a Medium in Translating Indic Deities’ Names: The Case of Muḥammad Šāhābādī’s Persian Translation of the Rājatarangiṇīs (OGURA Satoshi) ***** 189
Sufism between Politics and Spirituality: Shaykh Aḥmad Kuftārū and Syrian Ba‘th (TAKAO Kenichiro) ***** 203
Chapter 4: Anthropology
Sufi-Orders and Tarikās in Bengal: A Case Study of Religious Practices at the Shāh Ālī Majār in Dhaka, Bangladesh (TOGAWA Masahiko) ***** 217
Islam and the Self-Representation of Punjabi Muslims in Pakistan: A Case Study of the Exhibition of Holy Relics in the Badshahi Masjid, Lahore (KOMAKI Sachiyo) ***** 243
Interpreting the Relationship between People, Society, and Allāh in Contemporary Sudanese Sufi Tariqas (MARUYAMA Daisuke) ***** 263
The Role of Spirits: The Case of the East African Coast (FUJII Chiaki) ***** 279
Chapter 5: Literature
Gastronomy and Hierogamy in 17th Century Deccan: Gulšan-e-‘Išq, ‘‘Flower Garden of Love’’ by Nuṣratī, the Poet of Dakanī Urdu (KITADA Makoto) ***** 293
Dual Trends of Urdu and Punjabi Prosody: A Study of Qawwali in South Asia (YAMANE So) ***** 323
The View of Language of the Khurāsān School of Mysticism, Taṣawwuf-i Khurāsān: An Essay Considering the Basic Structure of Mystical Discourse from the Perspective of ‘‘Unutterable Language’’ (Kalām nafsī) (FUJII Morio) ***** 331
Female Saints in Islam (miriam cooke) ***** 353
Naguib Mahfouz’s ‘‘Socialistic Sufism’’: A Muslim Intellectual’s Search for the Ideal Society (YAGI Kumiko) ***** 363
TONAGA Yasushi  (ed.), The Bridge of Cultures: Potentiality of Sufism, Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies Series 2, Kyoto: Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies, 2017.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note (TONAGA Yasushi) ***** iv
The Place of Tasawwuf in Islamic Thought through Definitions of Tasawwuf (Osman Nuri Küçük) ***** 3
Relationship between God and People in the Three-Axis Framework of Sufism: A Comparison to Japan’s Traditional Religion, Shintō (AKAHORI Masayuki) ***** 31
Good and Evil according to Sufism and Pure Land Buddhism (TONAGA Yasushi) ***** 41
Ibn ʻArabī on the Perfect Man (al-insān al-kāmil) as Spiritual Authority: Caliph, Imam, and Saint (SAWAI Makoto) ***** 49
The Beautiful Human Being as the Mirror of God: The Cases of Iranian Sufism (INOUE Kie) ***** 61
Ibrahim al-Kūrānī’s Explanation of Waḥda al-wujūd: A Case Study of Indonesian Walī and the Shaṭḥ Dispute (YAMAMOTO Naoki) ***** 73
The Sufi Ritual of Transmission: Some Examples from the Akhi Movement (Quentin Giroud) ***** 83
Legitimacy and Femininity in Spiritual Authority within Contemporary Mevleviye: The Case of Hayat Nur Artıran (Ayşe Akyürek) ***** 93

TONAGA Yasushi  (ed.), Bibliography of Sufism, Tariqa, and Saint Cult Studies in Japan, Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies Series 1, Kyoto: Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies, 2016.

Table of Contents

Bibliography of Sufism, Tariqa, and Saint Cult Studies in Japan: Foreword ***** v
日本におけるスーフィズム・タリーカ・聖者信仰研究文献目録 序文 ***** vii
Explanatory Notes ***** ix
凡例 ***** xi
Graphs ***** xiii

Bibliography of Sufism, Tariqa, and Saint Cult Studies in Japan ***** 1–124
1. Sufism スーフィズム ***** 1
[a. general] ***** 1
[b. theory] ***** 10
[c. ceremonies] ***** 18
[d. Sufi literature] ***** 19
[e. pre-modern] ***** 28
[f. modern] ***** 57
2. Tariqa タリーカ ***** 61
[a. general] ***** 61
[b. theory] ***** 65
[c. ceremonies] ***** 66
[d. training lodges] ***** 67
[e. pre-modern] ***** 67
[f. modern] ***** 71
[g. others] ***** 82
3. Saint Cults 聖者信仰 ***** 83
[a. general] ***** 83
[b. theory] ***** 89
[c. ceremonies] ***** 90
[d. holy sites (including saints’ mausoleums)] ***** 94
[e. pre-modern] ***** 100
[f. modern] ***** 106
4. Sayyid-Sharif ***** 117
[a. general] ***** 117
[b. theory] ***** 118
[c. ceremonies] ***** 118
[d. holy sites (including sayyid-sharifs’)] ***** 118
[e. pre-modern] ***** 119
[f. modern] ***** 120

Index: Authors and Translators ***** 125


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